Washi Tape Wall

Washi Wall Miss Pompompom

We’ve been in our house for 18 months now and if we are pretty much there in term of furniture, we still have loads of empty walls waiting to be filled. I want to keep some of them empty, but some are simply waiting for the right content.
In my previous flat, I used to have a chicken wire wall to hang pictures, post-cards and souvenirs (a bit like the one they made here) and while I might place one again in the house, I am not sure quite where yet and I don’t want to start making holes in my walls if I am not sure of what I want.

So until I know what I want, I decided this weekend to start putting pictures on a wall. But rather than simply blu-tacking them, I decided to frame them with washi tape. I saw this idea on pretty much every single diy/handicraft blog that I follow and it’s a pretty awesome idea, and it just requires blu-tack, photos and washi tape.
And since the wall I picked for this is the one just above the piano, I made as well a few music notes out of the tape. There are only 4 pictures so far on our wall but we’ll add more in the future.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Miss Pompompom Washi Wall


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