Record Cabinet Makeover

At the beginning of this year, one of my friend posted a message on Facebook to sell his old record cabinet. Since it had been a while that I was looking for one to upcycle, I asked him some info about the piece of furniture and I bought it.
When my friend dropped the cabinet at our house a few days later, I realised that it was made of laminated, despite the fact I has asked if it was made of proper wood. I decided to keep it anyway as I was up for a challenge.


A few weeks later, we finally got a dry day during a weekend, and I finally started my makeover project and sanded the cabinet in our little yard.
I used my electric sander for most of it, sanding by hand only in corners. This took me about 3 hours. I as well filled some of the ready-made holes for the shelf as I only needed a few of them.



I then added a layer of primer to prepare the wood and give it some grip.


I then added a few layer of glossy white in the inside, and dark grey on the outside.
One layer of white was enough as I used a thick paint, but it required 3 layers of grey to cover properly the whole surface.

record cabinet

I then finally decorated the inside with some small and big green and blue dots.

Almost ready cabinet

I added back the shelf and the window glasses, and voila, here is my brand new record cabinet!

What do you think?


All together, working on a laminated piece of furniture wasn’t too bad. Using a primer though is mandatory as without one, your paint don’t stand a chance to cover the surface.

I am super please with the result of this first piece of furniture make over, and I am already excited to start another one very soon!


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