Patchwork Pouffe

At the end of last year, I bought ‘Makery‘, a craft book presenting ’30 projects for the home, to make and to give’. The book was written by Kate Smith, co-owner of The Makery, a lovely craft hub located in Bath.

Makery Book

One of the projects presented, a doughnut shape patchwork pouffe, caught my attention and I decided to try to make one.
As I am still pretty inexperienced with my sewing machine (I struggle to get my work looking ‘clean’), I asked my mom if she wanted to make a pouffe with me so she could show me some tricks.So when I was back in Belgium a few weeks ago, we went to a Fabric shop to buy some bits and we cracked on with the project.

Pouffe pattern

The pouffe being made of 6 identical pieces of fabric, using a pattern template and pinning it to the fabric are essential steps in order to get pieces all with the same shape and size.

Pouffe pieces

Once all the pieces cut, I pinned together 2 of them and started sewing. I then added a 3rd piece and restarted the same process with the 3 other pieces. I finally stitched all the pieces together, leaving a gap in my stitching for the stuffing.

Pouffe stitched

I took the empty pouffe back with me in Bristol and my mom offered to make buttons with the left over of some of the fabric.
I received the buttons this weekend so I finally finished the project by stuffing the pouffe and adding buttons at the bottom and the top of it.


The final result is a lovely (but quite small) pouffe that wasn’t too difficult to make. It however doesn’t fit quite rightly in my living room so I will probably give it to someone. It was a nice thing to make together with my mom anyway, and I got to learn a few more tricks with the sewing machine that will be useful for future projects.

Patchwork pouffe


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