Norwegian Wood – Foxtrot lampshade

In a previous post, I told you about the Bristol Folk House, an adult education centre and one of my favourite place in Bristol.Last month, I attended their Vintage hairstyling workshop, and yesterday,  I went back for the Lampshade workshop.

The pitch was the following one: “Make your own beautiful lampshade in this fun workshop, led by an experienced tutor from Quincy Lampshades. Bring half a metre of fabric and go home with a gorgeous shade in the size of your choice.”
How could I have resisted?!

For this workshop, my project was to make a lampshade for a table lamp for my living room. The colours are in that room are a mix of white, grey and a few touches of orange so I thought that something bring a few more colors but still a bit of orange would be perfect. And I had been looking for an opportunity to bring some foxes into that room, so I decided to search for some fabric with foxes. I found many but nothing amazing, until I discovered the online store Sew Scrumptious and found this gorgeous Norwegian Wood Too – Foxtrot fabric by Michael Miller.

Norwegian Wood Too – Foxtrot fabric by Michael Miller.

The workshop lasted 3 hours, which was more than enough time to make our lampshade, as it was surprisingly rather straight forward. The key thing being to be meticulous when taking measurements (‘measure 5 times, cut one time’).

After the workshop, I visited a few charity shop to find a lamp stand, and I found a nice silver one for just £4 that looks perfect with the lampshade. And as I discovered once home, it’s a touch stand! WIN!

Making this lampshade gave me the lampshade bug and I already made another one which I will show you in a future blog post. And now with the rest of this beautiful fabric, I will make a cushion for the sofa (like if my sofa was not already full of too many cushions!).

Here is the result!Foxtrot lampshade


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