7 standout projects that will make you buy washi tape

Standout washi tape projects
Washi tape (also known as masking tape) is a decorative Japanesee tape that comes in the prettiest patterns and colors. There are hundreds of different styles, with all the patterns you could ever think of.
I do love washi tape and everybody who loves design, handicraft and colors should love washi tape too. Here are 7 awesome projects made with washi tape that will convince you to order some.

1. Paper lantern makeover

   paper lantern washi tape

This is a great way to turn a plain white £1 Ikea paper lantern in something unique and colorful. You can find the tutorial here on the Bonjour Quilt website.

2. Floral piano keys

Floral piano keys

I wouldn’t have thought of decorating the black keys of a piano (black keys have to be black, right?) and I don’t think that the boyfriend would let me do it on our piano, but nevertheless, I think it looks great!

3. Car track.

Washi tape car track

I love this idea! Making a car track with washi tapes mean that you can super easily remove or update it. Such a cool and cheap idea by Le Jardin de Juliette.

4. Patchwork chair

Patchwork chair

How to turn an old chair in a design chair? With washi tape! And probably a bit of varnish too.

5. Wall decoration

I love how Everything Emily used washi tape on this wall to decorate this wall. Black tape and loads of patience is all you would need to reproduce this great idea

6. Light switch cover.

Switch cover

From dull switch covers to cool ones.

7. Bike makeover

Washi tape bike

This project is suggested by the Dutch shop Hema and is a great way to give colors to a rusty bike. You can read more (in dutch) about it here.

So, are you convinced yet that washi tape is a must have? Are you going to tackle your first washi tape project? If so, send me pictures!
And i you want to find more washi tape ideas, have a look on my Washi Tape Pinterest Board


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