Jupiler table lamp

Jupiler lampshade

A couple of weeks ago, as I was taking care of the recycling like every Sunday night, I decided to save a Jupiler bottle from the bin.
This nice 750ml red bottle of Belgian beer deserved to be used for a project.

jupiler red bottle
The only project I could think of making with this bottle was a lampshade as a surprise for my boyfriend, a Belgian beers lover. So I went to my local handicraft shop and bought the bits I needed such as a bottle lamp holder adapter with plug (£5), a lampshade ring set, some PVC and tape.
With regard to the fabric for the lampshade, I used some red cotton I had left from a previous project, and I decided to add the Jupiler logo on it.
To do so, I drew and patiently cut the black taurus in felt.

Jupiler taurus     Jupiler taurus

I then assembled all the pieces and I got a cool and unique Jupiler table lamp!

Jupiler table lamp


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