How I gave a new life to 2 old & smelly chairs (upcycling project)

Last month, during one of our visits to the boyfriend’s family, I saved a chair from the tip. Al’s dad was about to get rid of an old chair, and I suggested I could give it a new life instead.
We came home with this old (and very smelly) chair.

One the chair - before
One of the chair I saved.

It had been a while that I thought we could do with a chair or armchair in our bedroom, so I already had an idea of what I could do with it when I took it home.

A couple of days later, I found an almost identical chair in a second-hand shop which I got for £3.50.
Our bedroom was going not going to get one chair but two! One for Al’s side and one for mine.

I started my project by taking care of the upholstery and I chose a soft plain grey fabric for it which I found on ebay here.


It took me a few evenings to get rid of the previous layers of fabric and wadding. Staples can be real bitches!
Both chairs were so smelly (one of their previous owner was a heavy smoker) that I had to wear goggles and gloves to avoid having my eyes turning red and having my hand skin itching.

I then added a new layer of wadding and the new fabric using a Stanley staples gun. Shooting with a staples gun is so enjoyable!

Oh the joy of staples guns!
Oh the joy of staples guns!

Once the upholstery done, I sanded both chairs and painted them with 2 layers of colours. I choose some fuchsia for my chair, and some turquoise for Al’s one. One sampler of each colour was enough for one chair, which helpt keeping the cost down.

When dried, I covered both chairs with a layer of varnish.


I finally reassembled the chairs, and we have now 2 gorgeous chairs!


Voila 🙂


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