I made a dress! Learning how to make clothes (2)

After making so easily Charlotte Auzou Atelier’s skirt and her sleeveless tops, I decided a couple of weeks ago to try to make her belted dress.

I expected it to be a difficult mission so I bought cheap cheap fabric from Fab’land. I had selected a polka dotted green fabric but as I walked to the till I spotted this bright turquoise birdy fabric. If I hadn’t been sure that my first dress would turn into a disaster, I would have never bought such a fabric but since I was sure the final result wouldn’t be great, I thought that it would make a funky dress to wear maybe once (if at all) at a festival this summer.

Atelier Charlotte Auzou

 Making a birdy dress

I started the work on a Saturday morning and I was hoping to have it completed by the end of the weekend, but making this belted dress turned out to be absolutely effortless, and in less than 5 hours (pattern tracing & fabric cutting included!) I had made my first dress!

And surprisingly, the fabric turned out to not be a too bad choice after all.

Miss Pompompom - Atelier Charlotte Auzou

I guess I have my Easter outfit sorted!

Miss Pompompom - Atelier Charlotte Auzou

And that’s another success thanks to Atelier Charlotte Auzou‘s book!

The book is still only available in French, but I am sure you will find easily a similar pattern. And if you do, please share your links and findings with me in the comments below.

Thanks and happy Easter!


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