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Top Three Travel Bucket List of Inspiring Destinations

When it comes to finding ideas, internet is of course a magical place. Blogs, twitter, Instagram but and of course Pinterest, are among many sources of inspiration for projects. But the place where I really get inspiration from is the real world!
I am lucky enough to live in one of the most creative city in the world: Bristol, in the south-west of the UK. I couldn’t tell what the density of artists per meter square is but it must be pretty high.
In Bristol, I never have to walk for very long before I find something that marvel/intrigue/surprise/.. me. Are there many cities in the world that can claim having theatres in breweries, art galleries in toilets and secret bars beneath Indian restaurant? Well, we have all that, and even more.

But Bristol is of course not the only creative city in the world, and so here is my top 3 travel bucket list of inspiring destinations.

1. Berlin, Germany.

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I just can’t explain how I haven’t been yet despite having been many many times to Germany .
With 400 galleries, miles of graffiti on walls, hundreds of indie shops and cafes, quirky hotels and Photoautomaten (!), Berlin is certainly the Creative Capital of Europe.
I read everything I could about the city, and it’s about time I finally visit it. And this will actually happen this year as I have booked flights to `Berlin for early July, woop!

2. New Orleans, USA. 

gary yim /
gary yim /

Ranked 7th in GOOD MAGAZINE’s 2014 list of inspiring cities from around the world, New Orleans, once known exclusively for its Jazz scene, is today blossoming:

  • In the past years, the city has hosted its third international art biennial ,  a local film festival, fringe theater festival, and comedy festival, which all continue to grow larger each year.
  • The Village, an entrepeneur incubator, has so far mentored and supported over 3000 entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their own business.
  • Every year sees new street undergoing facelift, encouraging that way new independent  shops and cafe to open.

3. Sao Paulo, Brazil

R.M. Nunes /
R.M. Nunes /

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Sao Paulo for one of my previous job 6 years ago. I spent 5 days in the city, and after just a few hours I told to myself that I could see myself living there.
The people, the lifestyle, the street art, the flea markets, the samba, bossa nova, funk, the mix of genders and of course the food… everything is to love and to be inspired by.
Due to actually having to work during my visit, I didn’t visit and experience everything i would have loved to, and this is why Sao Paulo is in my top 3.

Other inspiring destinations I would like to (re-)visit are Oslo, San Francisco, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo.

What about you, have you got an Inspiring Destination bucket list? What is your top 3?

Note: this post is my entry to the #TransunLights competition.


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