Upcycled T-shirt Patch Pyjama Shorts

Last week, the boyfriend decided to have a bit of a clothes clearance and he gave me about 10 t-shirts that were either too small or in bad conditions and he asked me if I could make a project out of those.
Some of the t-shirts were still very nice but were simply too small so I told him I would rather give them to a charity shop, but I saved 4 for a project.


I had been thinking for months about making him a pair of pyjama trousers, so I right away knew what I would make out of these old clothes. It had to be sleeping gears!

So this morning, I started by cutting the t-shirts in pieces and I assembled them into a big patchwork. tshirt_project2

I didn’t have a pattern I could follow so I simply used one of his existing pair of shorts, adding roughly 1/2 inch for the seam allowance and a bit of space around the crotch.


I then assembled everything starting by the sides and then the crotches. I added a 1 inch wide elastic waistband and made small hems at the bottoms of the legs. Finally, I inserted a draw string.


And voila!

The boyfriend has now unique summer pyjama shorts!

Upcycled T-shirts Pyjama Shorts

What about you, have you ever made anything with old t-shirts?


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