Upcycled Nokia Pants


The boyfriend and I used to work for Nokia, and together, we combine 11 years of work within this company during which we received many, too many, company t-shirts.
As these company branded t-shirts are of no interest for anyone and I don’t want to throw them away, I thought I could use them for all my up-cycling projects.

Last week I found a free knickers pattern on So Zo’s blog  that I wanted to try, but as I currently don’t have enough jersey scrap to make one, I decided to use some of our Nokia t-shirts instead.

I didn’t exactly follow her instructions as I built the pants first and added the fold over elastic (FOE) afterwards, measuring the length of the leg holes and removing 10% in order to add a bit of stretch.  Applying the FOE was a bit timing consuming as I didn’t manage to sew it both side at the same time and did the front and back separately. I’ll hopefully manage it in one go next time with a bit more practice.

So, what do you think of my Nokia pants? Not bad, he?

Nokia t-shirt     Nokia Pants


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