Festival Marquee Letter Sign

This Summer, our very good friends Jade and Greg got married. And for this special day, they had choosen a Festival Wedding theme. Think marquee, double deck bus as a bar, a music line up made of 3 bands, etc..
About 6 weeks before the wedding, Jade sent a message to one of our whatsapp group, showing a marquee sign she liked and saying that she would love something similar but didn’t how to make it. Keen for a new challenge, I volunteered to help.

I started by reading a few blog posts, such as this one and this one  and got a rough understanding of what I had to do.
In regard to material, I purchased some MDF (and used some off-cuts I had from a previous project) and bulb string lights, and used some off-cuts from the wood I bought to make some planters earlier this year.

I started by drawing each letters I needed on some tracing paper (I love sewing so I have loads of it) and then onto the MDF. After that I cut each letter using an electric jigsaw, drilled holes in each letter, painted them and fixed them on a wooden base with some one screw per letter


All together it took me about 20 hours for this first attempt at Marquee Letter Signs.
Not bad me think!




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