Hello, I am Cécile, 34 years old, born and raised in Belgium and living in Bristol, UK since 2007.

As a kid, I was crazy about handcraft. A notepad, a pen and a pair of scissors would keep me busy and entertained way longer than any Playmobil, Lego or Barbie.
But as I grew older, as many of us, I forgot about that passion and replaced it with others more adapted to my age I guess. Until a few years ago, when I complained to a friend that I was bored and that he replied to me that only boring people could get bored. He added that I wasn’t boring and that therefore, I couldn’t be bored.
He was so right! There were about a million of handcraft projects and ideas that I wanted to make, so why wasn’t I doing any? On that day (or maybe not exactly from that day, it maybe took me a few days to react to this comment), I came back to this forgotten passion and I stayed faithful to it (and therefore to myself) since then.

Only boring people get bored. And you are not boring.

x Cécile

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