Hipanema style bracelet

If you’ve been out of your house in 2013, you must have seen Hipanema bracelets everywhere.. These bracelets come into being after 2 girls who travelled the world, thought about a solution to wear Brazilian/Friendship bracelets at the time you choose rather than all the time until the bracelet breaks. They got the simple but genius idea to tight together multiple strings in a unique … Continue reading Hipanema style bracelet

Vintage Hairstyle workshop at the Bristol Folk House

The Folk House in Bristol, is an amazing place. Not only it’s a cheap cafe serving healthy and nice food, and a roof for exhibitions, gigs and flea market, but it’s as well, and mostly, a unique adult education centre. Nowhere else in town can you find such a  variety of  classes and workshops. Do you want to learn Spanish, solve cryptic crosswords, take a … Continue reading Vintage Hairstyle workshop at the Bristol Folk House