I made a skirt! – Learning how to make clothes (1)

I always thought that making clothes would be difficult, would require a lot of patience and would overall not be enjoyable, so I lived 35 years without trying to make any. I was so wrong! Since January of this year, I started making clothes, and I found out that not only it’s not that difficult (well, it can be, but there are some garment really easy to … Continue reading I made a skirt! – Learning how to make clothes (1)

Patchwork Pouffe

At the end of last year, I bought ‘Makery‘, a craft book presenting ’30 projects for the home, to make and to give’. The book was written by Kate Smith, co-owner of The Makery, a lovely craft hub located in Bath. One of the projects presented, a doughnut shape patchwork pouffe, caught my attention and I decided to try to make one. As I am … Continue reading Patchwork Pouffe